Be very quiet, I’m hunting monsters

Sorry I've not posted anything in a couple weeks, I'll back to it soon. I recently picked up Monster Hunter World on PC (already owned it on PS4) and been distracted by it (using it as an excuse to procrastinate) to get to a similar point in the game. I'll get back to the SQL Server world (and finishing the T-SQL language extension for Prism) soon. I'll aim to get part 2 on Pivots done by end of this week.

Teostra sets the world on fire

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  1. Yep, I didn’t do any of this. Work got busy, then COVID happened and my motivation went out the window. I have a new laptop now though, which I’m intentionally not installing Steam on (yet) though, and therefore planning to spend some good time getting things updated here. I do need to justify the money I spent on it somehow after all.

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