Moving to Markdown

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been working on changing the website to support Markdown, while trying to keep the custom formatting I have added to Prism.js for things like my code blocks (using Cascadia Code font and the additional buttons), and being able to continue to do some more non-standard Markdown stuff like giving my headers an id value so that I can link to the directly.

I've finally managed to get this mainly working now, where the appearance of new posts won't look strikingly different. The only real visual changes are that inline code blocks (like this) no longer have a transparent background, which I'm honestly not opposed to, and that code in a code block have lost their "Select Code" button. I'm planning to fix that though, and will be working out how to get it back.

The main problem I have now is translating my existing content to Mark Down. I, personally, wouldn't normally have bothered with this, however, if I don't I'll be hosting 2 versions of Prism.js; one for my old content and one for that written in Markdown. For my old posts, that isn't a massive problem as the new one won't be loaded if there are no code fences. The problem, however, is for new posts you'll have to download both even though one would be used; not ideal.

So over the coming weeks I'm going to slowly migrate my old posts to Markdown. This means a further content drought unless I find something specifically inspiring to write about. On the plus side, when I do, I'll now be able to write the articles in ADS using Jupyter Notebooks, and then just export the document straight to Markdown with nbconvert. That is going to make writting so much easier.

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